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Welcome to the home of Prairie Drifter Taxidermy and Prairie Drifter Rods. Located in eastern Montana, we offer award winning taxidermy and custom bamboo and fiberglass fly rods.  Your host is Mike Briganti. Mike has been involved in outdoor activities from the time he was a boy. His love for the outdoors has shaped his life. Mike, along with his wife and two daughters, own and operate the Prairie Drifter family of sportsmanís services located in eastern Montana. This site will supply information on each of our services. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email us.


Mike again attended the National competition in July 2012 at Rogers Arkansas. He was awarded first place in the Division of Excellence and North American Champion for a Bull Snake.


He also won the "Inchumuck" Award for the Best small mammal with a Fox Squirrel.


 On July 23,2011 Mike competed at the National competition in Sioux Falls, SD. He was awarded National Champion for a Horned lizard and National Best All Around Taxidermist.


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